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Hello again! Today I will do another book tag. I don’t know if this book tag has a specific name or if it’s just called the book tag but I will just say book tag.

I was tagged by Amanda at My books opinion site so thank you very much!

1. Do I have a certain place to read? Where is it?

Yes, I usually read in my room.

2. Do you eat or drink while reading?

No, I am so afraid of stain my books. I am a very clumsy person. Especially when I’m trying not to be, haha.

3. Do you read one book or several books at a time?

I read one book at a time.

4. Do you write in books?

No, I don’t. As I know I said before I use post-it stickers to mark something in the book.

5. What was the worst movie adaptation of a book?

I guess this one is not a shock but I had to chose this very, very bad movie adaptation. PERCY JACKSON! The books are fantastic but the movie? Come on!

6. What is the book you’re the most embarrassed to have never read?

There are a lots of them but I am going to chose one series I should have read by now. The series is of course Harry Potter. I have read the two first books so I’ve gotten a little bit on the way. I feel like I’m soon going to be a huge fan of the Harry Potter series so prepare yourself for what may come on this blog.

7. Your ‘what the heck’ moment from a book.

I would have to say the ending of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I read the last 300 pages in one sitting and the ending just came as a big shock. I was very upset for a very long time.

8. What is the one book you regret you read?

I have actually not read that many books which I didn’t like. I am an easy to please reader (or I would like to think so at least). But I have one book I really didn’t like, The Awakening by L.J. Smith. I do really like the tv-show The Vampire Diaries but the book was just not that good.

9. Best strong female leader?

This is a really hard question. I feel like I read a lot of books with a strong female leader. I am going to choose Rose from Vampire Academy. She’s a strong, bad-ass female character who always goes her own way.

10. Book that changed your life?

I wouldn’t say this book changed my life completely but it sure left it marked. I’m certain you’ve heard of this book before, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The story is so powerful and I saw the war from a different perspective than the history books.


I tag…






I hope you enjoyed this tag and if you have done it please leave a comment because I’d love to read it!




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