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Book Traveling Thursday – Everyone loves movies…

Hello again! I thought I would start with a new thing this Thursday, to participate in Book Traveling Thursday hosted by the amazing The girl who read too much and Danielle’s book blog. Book traveling Thursday means you get a new theme (at this Goodreads group) every Thursday and are suppose to match a book to this theme. I thought this was a great idea and decided to join in!


January 21st – Everyone loves movies… Choose a movie that is going to be adapted in 2016.

As soon as I saw this theme I knew what book I was going o choose. MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN BY RANSOM RIGGS! I am so excited to see this book being played out as a movie. I love the world and the characters so it will be amazing to see it on the big screen. Another reason why I am so excited is because Tim Burton is directing this movie. I think he’s the perfect director for this movie, at least until I’ve actually seen the movie, haha. The only thing I am a little sad about is that the movie premiere date is in December otherwise it’s all positive so far.


Original Cover:


I like this cover very much. It has a little creepy feeling but not too creepy which I think explains the book perfectly. It’s also showing some “peculiar skill” and that’s basically what the book is about.







The cover in my country:misssss.jpg

I live in Sweden so therefor I am showing the Swedish cover. It’s pretty similar to the

original only a little bit lighter and the text is of course in Swedish. I think I actually prefer the original over this one. What can I say, I like the darkness.





My favorite cover:



My eyes were drawn to the German cover. It stands out from all the other covers so that’s probably why I chose it. One thing I like about this cover is the corners. The pattern looks so pretty.







My least favorite cover:



Now don’t get me wrong when I say this is my least favorite cover. I do like the cover, just not for this book. It looks like this book is a very scary horror book which I don’t think it is. Sure it’s creepy sometimes but not scary, if you get what I mean. So the Vietnamese cover is my least favorite cover.





So this was my first weekly meme! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have done this meme be sure to link it in the comments! 


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