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Top Ten Tuesday

So I recently found the amazing blog The Broke and The Bookish and they host a weekly meme, every Tuesday, called Top Ten Tuesday. I decided to join and if you too want to join here’s the link to how you participate and a little bit more about this meme.

January 26: Freebie Week! Pick a topic near and dear to your heart! Something you wished was on our official list!

I choose to list the top ten books that made me laugh. So here we go.

Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan


I thought this book was incredible funny. The two main characters (Will Grayson and Will Grayson) are two of the funniest charachters I’ve read about.

The lightning thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) – Rick Riordan


I remember this book had me laughing at the first page. I think most people know Percy Jackson is very funny and if you don’t GO READ THE PERCY JACKSON’S SERIES.

Twisted – Laurie Halse Anderson


This book is twisted (as you can see in the title) but it’s a funny kind of twisted.

Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1) – Richelle Mead


The reason why this book is on the list is because I think Adrian Ivashkov is hilarious. One of my favorite quotes are actually in this book.

“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection.” He paused to reconsider that. “Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try.” (Adrian)”

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) by Richelle Mead


Another Richelle Mead book on this list but for a different reason this time (even though Adrian was hilarious in this series too but he wasn’t in the first book so). The main character Rose Hathaway is such a funny, amusing character, one of my favorite female characters.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


Yeah, you might wonder why this book is on this list. Don’t get me wrong, I cried a lot in this book, but I laughed a lot too. This was an emotional read for me.

One Serious Messed-Up Week in the Otherwise Mundane and Uneventful Life of Jack Samsonite (Jack Samsonite #1) – Tom Clempson


I literally laughed out load this entire book. If you’re looking for a ridiculously hilarious read this is it.

Bad Girls Don’t Die (Bad Girls Don’t Die #1) – Katie Alender


There’s no question I love Alender’s writing style since I’ve read all her books and one thing I like especially is how she always manage to make me laugh.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


I’m currently reading this book so I have technically not read it but I have already laugh while reading it.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone (Harry Potter#1) by J.K. Rowling


Okay, this one is kind of obvious but it just had to make the list.

If you participated please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to here what books are on your list.



One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. YAY! Great choice of topic this week. I always love freebie week as people always do such amazing topics! I LOVE books that manage to make me laugh. TFIOS really made me laugh at times, the characters are all just so hilarious.

    Here’s my TTT post if you want to check it out. I picked non-book romances I would love to see get book adaptations.

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