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Book traveling Thursday #6 Underhyped book


This is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Danielle’s book blog and The Girl Who Reads Too Much. You’re supposed to chose a book suiting to the week’s theme and share the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover and your least favorite cover. If you want to participate you can find more information here.

February 25th – Share the Love!! Choose an under hyped book that you think everyone should read

The problem with this is that the most under hyped books I’ve read only have one cover. But I have found a book who I think suits this theme amazingly and have a couple of different covers. I picked This house is haunted by John Boyne. This book is creepy, exciting and involves a bunch of mysteries.

Original cover: 


My country’s cover:

There’s not a Swedish cover 😦

Favorite covers:

24361629.jpg 18189452.jpg 18649428.jpg

Least favorite covers:

17621098.jpg 23945929.jpg

What book do you think is under hyped?


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