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An abundance of Katherines – John Green


Title: An abundance of Katherines

Author: John Green

My rating: 3/5 stars

My short review(Spoiler free):

The book is about Colin, a child prodigy, who have just been dumped by his girlfriend Katherine. This is the nineteenth girl namned Katherine who have dumped him. Colin is crushed and Colin’s best friend (and his only friend) Hassan decides to take him on a road trip. During this roadtrip they meet some extraordinary people and Colin also tries to figure out the theorem of Katherines predictability , whether they’re dumpees or dumpers.

The Abundance of Katherines is of course funny since it’s John Green who wrote it and I find his other books that I’ve read hilarious. The book is also filled with anagrams and random facts about the most random things. I find this both interesting and a little bit annoying as well as I find Colin to be both interesting and annoying. Colin is kind of a know-it-all type of person and while this is fun at some points it’s also annoying at some parts. At some parts it feels like there’s too much information thrown at you at the same time.

Overall I thought this book was enjoying but I felt like the plot lacking a bit. It could also be that I am not a huge fan of math and this book involves quite a bit of that to why I didn’t love this book. Anyways I would recommend this book, but I will say that this book is not for everyone.

So what do you think about the book? Have you read it or not?




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