About my blog break

Hello! Seems like forever since I wrote anything here  and this post will just be me rambling. So I haven’t blogged for about two weeks, but not only that, I have also barely read anything and avoided Goodreads. I guess you can say I took a break from books and the book community. This wasn’t anything I planned it just sort of happened. It feels like a reading slump except it’s about everything that has anything to do with books. I really don’t know. But now I feel ready to come back to books and hopefully I will start posting more here again! 🙂

As to what I’m currently reading it is still The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes. So far I really like this book and I love the main character. Although I have no idea how this book is going to end, but I hope with a very good conclusion.



I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you soon!


3 thoughts on “About my blog break

  1. Hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we have to take breaks from books because people need spice and variety on their lives. No matter how much we love books, reading every single day is bound to wear us out eventually.

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