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(Just to clarify, I took this picture so it’s not an official picture for this tag but feel free to use it if you want)

So today I come to you with yet another tag!! I was tagged by Sean from Kingdom Book Blog. I know this was awhile ago, but I thank you so much for tagging me, I am thrilled to this tag! I will also mention quick that this book tag was originally created by Naya Reads And Smiles so checkout her youtube channel too!


1.) Name a book couple that drove you nuts.


This is my ultimate OTP and they drove me nuts too many times. I’m talking about Sydney and Adrian from Bloodlines. Oh, gosh, how much I love them…

2.) You are going off the rails; name a book that would pull you out of the darkness.


I will pick Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I love this book and it’s not too dark of a contemporary which I think is good when you want to be pulled out of the darkness.

3.) Electric shock treatment; name a book that messed with your head and had you shaking.



This book messed with my head so much. There were so much mystery but I have to admit I loved it. The book is also a bit scary so that’s why it had me shaking at some parts.


4.) You are going to solitary confinement and can only bring one series with you. Which series is it?

halvblod trilogi.jpg


I would actually bring a Swedish book series with me called Halvblod. I absolutely love this series and can read it over and over again if needed.

5.) Breakout; pick one character that would help you break out of the asylum.


Rose from Vampire Academy would be perfect for this. She’s a real fighter and have had a lot of experience with breaking out of places.

6.) You are stuck in an asylum; name one character that you would want as your roommate to keep you from going insane.


I would want Alexis Warrens from Bad Girls Don’t Die as my roomate. I think we would become good friends and keep each other from going insane.

7.) Name a character that you would be terrified to be locked up with.


Imagine being locked up with the Mage from Carry On. I think he’s already insane and would either kill me or I would too go completely insane.


I tag…

Larkin @ Wonderfilledreads

Isabella @ Bellasbooknook

Demmi @ Wordsandlyricss




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