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Reading Challenge 2016: Update #1

A little over a quarter of the year have past and I thought it would be a good idea to update you on my reading challenge this year! I plan to read 52 books this year, reread 5 books and I have a list of 10 books I wish to read 2016. You can find my full post about my reading challenge here.

The quick version of update:

Books read: 14/52

Books from “the list”: 2/10

Rereads: 1/5


The longer version:

I have read 14 books which means I am perfectly in my schedule. Right now I’m a bit scared I will fall behind because there’s a lot of tests coming up in school and other things but hopefully I will manage to read a book a week.

The next part of the challenge goes a bit slower…


I’ve read two books of the list, Carry on and Daughter of Smoke and Bone which is good but I really want to read the others too. I’ll have to read a book every month from now, although I can probably read more than one some months because as I said before I am still very excited to read all of these.

I’ve also added another “challenge” to my reading goals this year since the beginning of the year. I want to reread at least 5 books, which I’ve made a post about here. The books I have on that list is not set in stone but I have already read one of them, Bad girls don’t die by Katie Alender, which I also made a review of which and you can find it here.


That’s all for me at the moment. Do you have a reading challenge this year? If you have how is it going for you?



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