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The Inside Out book tag

Hello again! Have I ever told you I love the movie Inside Out? I even have a cup of Bing Bong to prove it! bingbong.jpg

After showing that off, I am happy to annouce I actually was tagged for this tag by Lauren @ Radreadingblog. You should definitely check out her blog! Now to the actually tag.

1.) Joy- What book brings you the most Joy?  


I laughed all way through this book. Just thinking about it makes me giggle, so if you’re looking for a funny book I absolutely recommend this.

2.) Disgust- Pick a book that grossed you out the most.  



There’s several scenes in this book that grosses me out. But there’s one particular scene that disgust me so, so much, my entire body shivers of disgust when I think about it.

3.) Fear-  Pick a book that scared you the most.



I think this book is the scariest in the trilogy. It definitely had me at the edge of the seat a couple times and it made me a little bit afraid of the dark at the time 🙂

4.)  Sadness- Pick a book that made you cry the hardest.


The world is not fair, so NOT FAIR. I am still not over the end and I probably never will…

5.) Anger-  Pick a book that made you the most angry.


This is a Swedish book I recently read. It made me so angry! Not because it was a bad book but for how some persons in this book was treated. I wanted to scream at them, throw things at them and just AAAHH!!


I have no idea who has done this and therefor I’m not going to tag anyone specific. Although if you have done it or want to do it be sure to link your answers below 😀


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