Update; Currently reading, new bookmark and other things in life

Hello! Today I’m just going to post a quick update on life and what else comes to my mind. First I’m going to tell you that I will probably not post a lot this week because at Wednesday I will be at school all day (we are having a fashion show) and on Friday I’m going to Stockholm to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live. Therefor I will not be home until Sunday but hopefully I will have time to check out some awesome bookstores while there. I will maybe make a post after Stockholm if I have anything interesting to say, or if I’ve bought any good books 😀

To other more book related stuff, I recently made a Harry Potter bookmark! You might not harry potter.jpgknow this but I love to paint and draw so sometimes I combine my book hobby with my art
hobby. I’m planning on making more bookmarks with characters from the Harry Potter series in the future because it was really fun. I also think I’ll do a post with all the bookmarks I own, both the ones I’ve made and bought, if that might be interesting?

Anyways, I’m currently rereading From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender. I am of course loving this book since it’s one of my all time favorite series although right now I am at the part in this book that I like the least. But I know what waits in the end and that it’s completely worth it.



Sorry if this was a messy post but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyways 🙂 I hope you have a great day!



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