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Real Neat Blogger Award

Hello! I am sorry I have not yet responded to this award but finally I’m doing it! I was nominated by Demmi @ Followingmuses  and Lisa @ Nefariousreader . You should definitely check out heir blogs because they are both awesome.

The rules:

  • Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
  • Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
  • Create 7 questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.


Demmi’s questions; 

What is your favorite genre? How did you discover it?

Uhm, can you say Young Adult? Otherwise it’s probably fantasy or contemporary. And I love me some horror books too…  I honestly don’t know how I found these genres. It was probably just me scanning the internet for too long (I have a tendency of doing that).

If you don’t enjoy a book/story do you skip or skim parts of it?

Well, I try not to but sometimes I do skim parts but I don’t skip parts.

If you could trade lives with a fictional character (books, tv or film) who would it be and why?

This is a very difficult question to answer. There’s so many people to chose. But I think I would chose Sydney from the Bloodlines series. Partly because of Adrian (I am not fangirling right now) and because (SPOILER!!!!!) she have magical abilities. To be honest I have always wanted to be a witch.

Tell us something you’d like to share about yourself, but get rarely asked about.

I have a small crush on Frida Kahlo, I know probably a bit too much about her life but I find her and her art so fascinating. She’s a big inspiration to my art too (if you didn’t know I paint a lot) and I love to chat about her and just needed to share my crush on her 🙂

What’s the next “big thing” on your bucket list? (E.g. travelling, activities, education, etc.)

In July I am going to a really cool convent in Linköping in Sweden with some friends. I have been there once before so I know it’s going to be fun and I am really looking forward to get out of my small town again 🙂

Do you have a best friend (or more) and how did you meet?

Yes, we met when we were about seven years old when he rode his bike past my house and asked me if I wanted to play. Later we went to the same class and we’ve been friends ever since.

What book has influenced you the most?

Probably Bad girls don’t die by Katie Alender. It was the first book I read in english and I completely loved it.


Lisa’s questions;

 Do you listen to audiobooks?

I used to when I was little but now I don’t. Although lately I ‘ve been missing it so I’m planning to start to listening to audiobooks again. With that said, if you have any recommendations on good books to listen to please share in the comments!

Do you ever borrow books from the library?

Yes, I do. In fact I have three books at home right now that’s from the library.

Which book had a lot of hype but was utterly disappointing?

I can’t think of a specific book at the moment.

What is your motivation for reading?

I find a lot of motivation by this hole book community. Seeing other people obsessing over books makes me more excited to read books.

How do you come up with ideas for blog posts?

I scroll through other blogs to get inspired and usually a thought pops up in my mind.

Do you write into your books?

No, I don’t.

Which character of any book would you want to be your best friend?

Rose from Vampire Academy. She will do anything to protect her friends and she seems to be really fun to hang out with.


I nominate…

Booksoverblumen • Thejouskablog • Trustinthewords • Victoriajaynesbooks • enchantedreaders

//A day later I just remembered I forgot to make some questions… I’m so sorry! As I currently don’t have time to write any, you can pick seven questions of the once I answered or just let it be 🙂 Again so sorry!!


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