Update; Why I haven’t blogged…

Sorry for a babbling post…

Hello! I haven’t written a post here for 19 days… And it’s not because I didn’t want to but because I’ve been crazy busy. I have packed and unpacked my bags too many times these latest couple of weeks. It’s been lots and lots of fun but I have missed blogging so much. Not only writing posts but to read others blogs, connect with people over books and see what’s happening in the book community. There’s happened a lot in these weeks but I don’t know how much to share since this is a blog about books but let me make a small and short remake of my days in a long sentence. So first I helped my sister packed since she left for England then I and my family took a trip to Denmark to send her of, after that I was home for a day before I left for another family trip, so when I got home, I was home for a couple days before I left for Närcon (a Swedish convention which you can read  about here) with a couple of friends. I came home yesterday evening and now I am writing this post. I will be back posting tomorrow (hopefully) as normal. Anyways, what have you been up to?


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