100+ Followers and the Gilmores are taking my reading time

Hello! Firstly I’d want to share the lovely news that I have reached 100 followers (technically 104 now)!! How awesome isn’t this?! Thank you so much for reading, following, commenting or just liking followed-blog-100-2x.pngmy posts and blog, it means a lot! This blog have brought me so much happiness and I am so glad I started it.

Secondly I have to talk about Gilmore Girls, the series that completely taken over my life. I am in season 7, the last season, and I just can’t stop watching! I am also determined to finish the original series before Gilmore Girls: A year in the life comes out (which I have no doubt I will). But because I’ve been obsessing over this tv-series and because school started my reading have been kind of lacking. Which is sad, but what can you do when the Gilmore’s are too amazing? Although I have started to plan things a little bit better so I might get in some kind of reading schedule soon (especially after I finished GG, haha).

gilmore-girls-rory-lorelai-tongue.gif(Yes, I did cry at Rory’s graduation from Chilton and I am not ashamed)

Anyways, this was kind of a random post but sometimes you have to have those too. I hope you will have a great day and that I’ll see you soon!


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