Birthday and Finished Harry Potter

Hello! Today I am officially an adult if this was in the wizarding world. Sadly it’s not, but I guess I will have to celebrate my birthday without magic… I would have love to be able to diapparate, it would be such a good birthday present. In other news, I just finished the Harry Potter series! Deathly Hollows was such an amazing ending! Seriously, I was afraid to turn pages because it felt like I was the one being hunted by Voldemort. I was so invested in the story I even had dreams about it, and let me tell you, it’s really terrifying trying to hide from Voldemort.

Other news in the Harry Potter world, I now know what my Patronus would look like! It would look like a Marsh Harrier and I think it looks so beautiful flying around on Pottermore. Have you done the test yet and if you have, what shape does you Patronus look like?patronus.jpg

Anyways, I just wanted to write something here and I hope you all have a great day! πŸ˜€


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