I’m back! England, 200 Followers & Reading slump


Hello! It seems like forever since I wrote here and it kind of is. I think it was about three weeks since I wrote anything here. I have missed it a lot so hopefully I will be back now to stay because writing at this moment feels really good. There’s a few reasons why I’ve beenfollowed-blog-200-2x away for so long but first let me share some amazing news! I HAVE RECEIVED 200 FOLLOWERS!! Thank you all so much!! It was actually one of the reasons why I came back. Which leads me back to why I’ve been gone…

Firstly, I’ve slowly been growing into a reading slump. I try and read but nothing really amazes me and makes me excited to read. Since this is a book blog writing about books just reminds me about that I’m not reading. I also don’t have that much new to say about the book world because I haven’t been active in it. Anyways I am trying to push myself out of this reading slump and I just want this slump to pass.

Secondly, I have been to England!!! I was gone for 8 days, 5 days in Bristol and 3 days in London. It was amazing and I had tons of fun. I visited my sister who currently works as an au-pair there so it was awesome to see her again and very sad to leave her but I will see her again to Christmas so it’s fine :/ I will put a little collage here to show you my visit to England.

Thirdly I’ve had to do a bit of schoolwork since I was gone three days (the other days my school was on break) and I still have a English Essay I should write like right now but I’m writing here instead, hehe.

Anyways… I have been working on a tag so hopefully it will be up soon here. Please share what you’ve been doing and what you’ve read these last three weeks? Have any good book recommendations or blog post ideas?


5 thoughts on “I’m back! England, 200 Followers & Reading slump

  1. Congrats on your followers!! (I’ve been in a reading slump for almost two months. It’s horrible and I hope it ends for both of us soon!)

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