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Top 5 Wednesday #6 Books I Want to Re-Read

Hello! A week later and I’m back. I’m making some progress, haha. Anyways, today I am here with another awesome book meme and Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at a goodreads group where you can find here. November 23: Books I Want to Re-Read –Though it seems like we are all constantly chasing…… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday #6 Books I Want to Re-Read

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The Seasons of Book Blogging

Hello! I am back again and this time with a tag! I was tagged awhile ago by Lindsey @ Apieceofparadis so thank you so much! I am very excited to do this. It’s an excellent tag made by Jordyn @J. Bookish and you should totally check out both Lindsey’s and Jordyn’s blogs! Thank the creator and the person who…… Continue reading The Seasons of Book Blogging